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    Investigation Team Empty Investigation Team

    Post by Break Tue Jul 24, 2012 4:53 pm

    I am creating an investigation team that is allowed to view all topics and report them.

    What comes with this title?
    Investigation Team
    -Access to al hidden forums on the site (Gold, Staff, Forum Archives, etc.)
    -Ability to suspend members
    -Reports are top priority
    -Has authority over regular members
    -Teal name color
    -A rank title

    How to join:
    Send in a staff application. I will not put this option on the staff application forum, but if you really want it PM me!
    When there are no staff applications, you can still be selected by admins

    What you will do:
    If a member is upset with a suspension, they can complain to you and you go back through to see what they did wrong.
    And if the member advertised or posted malicious content, you suspend them instead of having a moderator do this.

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