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    Scamming and Consequences!

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    Scamming and Consequences! Empty Scamming and Consequences!

    Post by Break Mon Jan 30, 2012 2:02 am

    Okay, I'm just going to say I do not play FIFA, period. I know nothing about it. But I do know a scam when I see it.

    Scamming will result in a 7 day posting suspension and you will have a note where it says your posts and rank on EVERY message you right saying "I scammed". This will not have a good reputation for you!

    This is so harsh because many people I know are not the smartest and they have been scammed multiple times, so I know how those who have been tricked feel.

    To stay safe from scams, always
    a) Ask for proof!
    b) get all of their contact info
    c) make them send you a PM saying if they scam you that they will allow the right for staff to perma ban them!
    Yes, if you send someone a PM saying what c) said, if you scam I WILL PERMA BAN YOU!!!

    Just trying to keep everyone safe cheers

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