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    Marketplace Rules and Regulations

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    Marketplace Rules and Regulations Empty Marketplace Rules and Regulations

    Post by Break Mon Jan 16, 2012 2:23 am

    Rules and Regulations
    Scamming or fraud of ANY kind in this forum (or any other) isn't permitted and will result IN AN IP BAN!!!

    •Post proof with username visible
    •Get staff permission to sell certain items (see list below)
    •If you buy from somsone without this badge Marketplace Rules and Regulations Badgetrusted and you are scammed it is not our problem! If you are scammed by a person with this badge REPORT IT IN A PM TO ME IMMEDIATLY!
    •If you are a seller, do not sell malicious content.

    What you can and cannot sell
    •Xbox 360's *
    •JTAG Xbox 360's *
    •Flashed Xbox 360's *
    •RGH consoles *
    •Xbox games
    •Xbox controllers
    •Microsoft points/memberships
    •oG Xbox LIVE accounts/GT's
    All things marked with * means you must get staff approval to sell...

    Not Allowed
    •ISO discs
    •Anything not listed in the above list

    If somebody gets a sticky topic or has a trusted seller badge feel that they are trusted to buy from especially if I post a vouche there myself!

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