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    GFX Service Rules *MUST READ!*

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    GFX Service Rules *MUST READ!* Empty GFX Service Rules *MUST READ!*

    Post by Break Wed May 23, 2012 12:39 pm

    Rules for Graphics Services
    Read these rules and follow them or get your permission revoked from this forum!

    Service Rules
    -Services may be charged, but you must keep a fee under $10.00 for one piece of work!
    -If you are doing a shop with more than 1 person (yourself), then you must say how many people are in your shop in the title/title description!
    -Put closed/opened in the shop title!
    -Put in brackets [] in the title what you are doing (Avatars, BG, Sig, etc.)
    -Be quick with your shop
    -Put credit with examples you have put up!

    These are the rules, now do not break them or feel the consequence! I can ban you from certain forums, and I will if i see scamming etc...

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