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    Forum Completed Empty Forum Completed

    Post by Break Sat Jun 30, 2012 4:27 pm

    Well, other than the ban hammers (which i am unable to add at this moment), the forum is 100% completed.
    There is a new design for the forum, new colors, new icon topics, and new icons for the forums.
    This is the last major update there will be for the next year or so. I plan on advertising this veraion of the site!
    Badges will all remain the same.
    Currently looking for the following staff positions:
    Administrator (2 Admins)
    Developer (1 Dev)
    Global Moderator (3 Global Mods)
    Sectional Moderator (4 Sectional Mods)
    Training Moderators (N/A)
    Shoutbox Moderators (2 SB Mods)

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